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PPS 3: Access, Movement and Parking
Policy Context

Transportation and Land Use

2.1 The Department for Regional Development has prepared PPS 13, Transportation and Land Use. This advises on the wider transportation policy context affecting the Region and provides strategic policy guidance and advice relating to the integration of transportation and land use. The need for this integration is a key objective in delivering the transportation vision of the Regional Development Strategy which is shared with the Regional Transportation Strategy:
“to have a modern, sustainable, safe transportation system which benefits society, the economy, and the environment and which actively contributes to social inclusion and everyone’s quality of life”.

The Northern Ireland Road Safety Strategy 2002-2012

2.2 Road safety is a key priority for government throughout the United Kingdom. The Northern Ireland Road Safety Strategy 2002-2012 published in November 2002 seeks to promote an integrated approach to the planning, co-ordination and delivery of the Government’s road safety activities over the next decade. It represents the commitment of departments and agencies in Northern Ireland whose activities contribute to road casualty reduction.
2.3 The Strategy sets out the strategic objectives which are proposed to improve road safety over the next decade. Importantly for PPS 3 these include the improvement of road safety for pedestrians and other vulnerable road users and ensuring that safety continues to be a primary objective in designing, building, operating and maintaining roads in Northern Ireland.

Other Government Strategies

2.4 In formulating the policies contained in this Statement, consideration has also been given to a number of other Government strategies, in particular the Department’s Local Air Quality Management Policy Guidance and ‘Investing for Health Opens link in a new browser window’ published by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety. Opens link in a new browser window
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