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PPS 3: Access, Movement and Parking
Policy AMP 8

Policy AMP 8 Cycle Provision
Planning permission will only be granted for development providing jobs, shopping, leisure and services, including educational and community uses where the needs of cyclists are taken into account. Where appropriate provision of the following may be required:
  • safe and convenient cycle access;
  • safe, convenient and secure cycle parking having regard to the Department’s published standards; and
  • safe and convenient cycle links to existing or programmed cycle networks where they adjoin the development site.
In addition major employment generating development will be required to make appropriate provision for shower and changing facilities.

Justification and Amplification

5.53 Cycling is a popular mode of travel for an increasing number of people. Like walking it is healthy, pollution free and makes relatively small demands on land. Within Northern Ireland 45% of all journeys presently made are less than two miles in length and cycling has the potential to replace the car for a great variety of these short journeys and to form part of a longer journey when linked to onward travel by public transport. The Northern Ireland Cycling Strategy (June 2000) Opens link in a new browser window highlights the important contribution cycling can make in an integrated transport system and has set a target to quadruple the number of trips by cycle by 2015.
5.54 Cycling is a relatively inexpensive transport mode and the cost of infrastructure provision is low in comparison to other modes. Measures to support cycling can be readily integrated with both new development and existing private and public transport. The promotion of cycling as a travel opportunity is also part of the drive to promote alternatives to the private car and encourage more sustainable means of travel. One step in this process will be to improve the provision, safety, convenience and general environment for cycling by ensuring that the needs of cyclists are fully taken into account in the development process.
5.55 To help promote cycle use the amount of good quality cycle parking needs to be increased. It is important therefore that secure cycle parking is provided as an integral part of development providing jobs, shopping, leisure and services. It should also be available in town and district centres, at educational institutions and public transport interchanges, including Park and Ride and Park and Share sites. Proposals will be assessed against the Department’s published parking standards.
5.56 Full secure, weather protected parking will normally be required for employee cycle parking. Weather protection will also be required for visitor parking where space for ten or more cycles is provided or in cases where medium to long-term cycle parking is required, for instance at public transport interchanges.
5.57 Security is a major consideration in determining the location of cycle parking areas which should be provided closer to a building’s entrance than car-parking. They should be well lit and located where staff or the public can provide informal surveillance. Staff parking can best be provided within a building.
5.58 Major employment generating developments will be expected to provide shower and changing facilities conveniently located to the provision of cycle parking to encourage and facilitate those who travel to work by bicycle.
5.59 Cycle parking provision in association with residential development is addressed in PPS 7 ‘Quality Residential Environments’ and the design guide ‘Creating Places’.
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