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PPS 3: Access, Movement and Parking
Development Plans


4.1 Development plans have a key role to play in facilitating the integration of transportation and land use planning. Their preparation provides the opportunity to assess the transport needs and problems within the plan area and to ensure that appropriate consideration is given to transportation matters in the allocation of land for future development. Further information on the integration of transportation and land use planning is provided in PPS 13.
4.2 In association with the preparation of a development plan a transport study will be carried out by or on behalf of DRD Roads Service Opens link in a new browser window. The study will assess the capacity and quality of the overall transport network and the transportation needs of the plan area and will help inform the process of identifying land to meet the various development needs. The study will also include an assessment of existing parking and travel patterns in town centres and other locations where demand is generated.
4.3 As part of a transport study an accessibility analysis will normally be carried out. This process involves measuring the ease of travel from or to specific origins or destinations to provide an evaluation of the travel opportunities available to connect people from where they are to where they want to go. Further advice on accessibility analysis is provided in PPS 13.
4.4 Development plans will deal with the land use implications arising out of the transport study. Other transportation initiatives will be taken forward by the Department for Regional Development through the Regional Transportation Strategy Opens link in a new browser window and the supporting framework of transport plans. The development plan will therefore normally focus on the following matters:
4.5 The role of the development plan in facilitating a move to more sustainable transport modes will primarily be met through the protection of routes and sites required for new schemes and the identification of walking, cycling and public transport infrastructure required as an integral element of the development of zoned land.
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