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PPS 2: Planning and Nature Conservation
Environmental Assessment

71. Environmental Assessment (EA) is mandatory for the types of projects listed in Schedule 1 to the Planning (Assessment of Environmental Effects) Regulations (NI) 1989 (the EA Regulations). EA is required for the types of projects listed in Schedule 2 to the Regulations, if the particular development proposed is likely to have significant environmental effects.
72. Consideration will be given to the need for EA, where a Schedule 2 project would be likely to significantly affect the special character of an ASSI. While each case will be judged on its merits, EA will normally be required where a Ramsar site or a European site would be likely to be significantly affected.
73. Where EA is required, the applicant must prepare and submit an environmental statement with the planning application. An applicant may submit an environmental statement voluntarily but otherwise it will fall to the Department to decide whether EA is necessary. An applicant who is dissatisfied with the Department's request for EA, may seek a hearing before the Planning Appeals Commission.
74. Further information on these requirements is given in Development Control Advice Note 10 "Environmental Impact Assessment" available from Divisional Planning Offices.
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