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PPS 1: General Principles
Development Control: Environmental Assessment

53. Certain developments fall within the scope of the Planning (Assessment of Environmental Effects) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1989 (as amended), and in considering planning applications for such developments the Department may require the submission of an environmental statement. The purpose of environmental statements is to provide fuller and better information on the likely effects of proposals. Environmental assessment is mandatory for projects listed in Schedule 1 to the Regulations, while projects listed in Schedule 2 will require assessment if the Department considers they are likely to have significant environmental effects by virtue of factors such as their nature, size or location. The indicative criteria and thresholds that are taken into account when making such judgements are set out in the Department’s Development Control Advice Note 10 “Environmental Impact Assessment”. In deciding whether to ask for an environmental statement, the Department will draw on experience of similar developments that have taken place elsewhere and may, on occasion, seek specialist advice. An environmental statement is a publicly available document prepared by the developer.
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