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Finding the Right Site: Site Checklist

Site Checklist

  • Planning Policy/Technical Requirements
  • Vantage points
  • Access position and standards
  • Impact of development
In using this checklist, you will need the help of a skilled designer, who will be familiar with technical concerns, such as access requirements, and will be able to visualise the likely impact of development on the site. This may mean that several sites have to be rejected before a suitable one is found. There is scope here for landowners to examine their holdings and prepare suitable sites by using the checklist and making any necessary adjustments to the access, or by additional planting, or other means to provide sites which, in time, are likely to meet design criteria, subject to complying with planning policies for the locality.
In starting your search for a site it is important to consider the planning policies in your area. These are often illustrated on a map in the Area Plan - see below. Your designer should be clear about these policies and time spent at this stage will be invaluable in providing a sound basis for your scheme.
Having found a site which is likely to meet planning requirements, you should instruct your designer to prepare a Site Analysis.
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