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Design Guide for Rural Northern Ireland
Scheme Design: Rural Forms

Building along a slopeBuilding along a slope
Stepping down a slope.Stepping down a slope
House nestles into slope.Enclosing a space
In the introduction to this Guide we examined the most common traditional buildings and their shape, such as the rectangular plan with a pitched roof. This is the most common shape for buildings in rural Northern Ireland, and the linear plan-form leads to scheme layouts made such as running along a slope, stepping down a slope, or enclosing spaces such as yards or gardens. There is only a small range of traditional rural shapes, and these can be readily distinguished from their suburban counterparts. A common design mistake is to implant suburban shapes in the rural context, and this should be avoided.
Rural Single storey blockRural Single storey block
Rural 1.5 storey blockRural 11/2 storey block
Suburban Single storey blockSuburban Single storey block
Suburban 1.5 storey blockSurburban 11/2 storey block
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