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Design Guide for Rural Northern Ireland
Scheme Design: Landscaping Features

Existing boundaries, hedges, walls and other significant landscape features should be retained and protected during construction, wherever possible. When it is necessary to remove such features for example in the provision of visibility splays, they should be reinstated. The existing features should be augmented by appropriate additional landscaping to reinforce boundaries, provide shelter and to screen buildings.. Particular attention should be paid to the hard landscaping of surfaces such as driveways and to the treatment of walls and fences. Suburban boundary features are generally inappropriate in the rural landscape.
With soft landscaping, it is important to identify suitable areas for tree planting for privacy, enclosure, integration or shelter. Rates of growth, height and spread will influence the choice of species. Generally conifers should be used sparingly, with a preference, instead, for broad leafed trees appropriate to the particular locality (See Appendix 3).
Your Site Analysis includes the position of the vantage points in the surrounding area, from which the site and the new buildings will be seen, and in working towards your final layout you must consider these viewpoints carefully and adjust the scheme to obtain the best possible fit between buildings and landscape, with the buildings being always subservient to the landscape.
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