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Design Guide for Rural Northern Ireland
Scheme Design: Design Checklist

The purpose of the checklist is to eliminate poor design at an early stage, and so avoid delays in the planning application process.
The checklist uses two stages:

1. Site Checklist

  • Planning Policy/Technical Requirements
  • Vantage points
  • Access position and standards
  • Impact of development
With your designer, use the site checklist when assessing possible sites. If the check shows up potential planning difficulties, reject the site.
Using the site checklist and the Scheme Design Checklist, ask your designer to assess the likely scale and impact of your proposed development. If the check shows that the building will be small scale in the landscape, then only basic design considerations may be involved.
If the building will be prominent, or large scale in the landscape, then comprehensive design will be necessary, using the Scheme Design Checklist.

2. Scheme Design Check

  • Perspective sketch views to scheme from vantage points
  • Access proposals
  • Plans
  • Sections
  • Elevations
  • Materials and colour
  • Sketch details
  • Other useful design information
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