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Design Guide for Rural Northern Ireland
Scheme Design

Acceptable siting: Good integration with the surrounding landscapeThe design process is quite complex, taking account of your Brief and the characteristics of the site and the features of the surrounding area.
Skilled design will produce a scheme which suits you and gets the best out of the site. By contrast, the common practice of dropping a standard house on to a site is poor design and fails to exploit the potential of the site.
Unacceptable siting: Standard house dropped onto siteThe Site Analysis described in the previous chapter will have provided significant design clues including the views to the site, the likely position of the access, and many other factors. These clues enable the design process to begin, by indicating possible positions for entrances, gardens, garages, particular rooms and so on, until a house plan and site layout begin to take shape together. The process demands considerable work by both client and designer, but is necessary to achieve a successful scheme.
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