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DCAN 15: Vehicular Access Standards
Right Turning Lanes

5.1 A right turning lane consists of local widening of the priority road with associated carriageway markings to define a deceleration taper and dedicated waiting area for vehicles intending to turn right into the minor road. Design shall be in accordance with TD 42/95 - Geometric Design of Major/Minor Junctions set out in the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB4) - Volume 6.
5.2 A right turning lane will often be required where the priority road is a primary, district or local distributor (as defined in the Layout of Housing Roads - Design Guide2) or a main traffic route as defined in PPS31: “Development Control: Roads Consideration”.
5.3 Factors which the Department will take into account include:
  • volume of right turning traffic-requires particular consideration when total flow on the minor road exceeds 500 vehicles per day (i.e. serving more than 50 dwellings) or when right-turns into the development are the dominant movement, having regard to the relative location of the town centre or other major traffic attractor);
  • speed and volume of priority road traffic;
  • forward sight distance (proximity to crest or bend);
  • junction spacing;
  • accident history / potential;
  • character / status of the priority road;
  • advice in TD 42/95, DMRB 4 - Volume 6; and
  • relevant traffic model output.
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