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DCAN 15: Vehicular Access Standards

  1. Planning Policy Statement 3, Development Control : Roads Considerations; DOE(NI); 1996; Planning Service.
  2. Layout of Housing Roads - Design Guide; DOE(NI); 1988; HMSO. Please note that this guide is currently under review. A draft version of the Department’s new guidance entitled “New Residential Development: Overall Design Character and Requirements for Access and Parking” was issued for public consultation in March 1997 and it is intended to publish the final version of the revised Guide by the end of this year.
  3. TRICS - Trip Rate Information Computer System; JMP Consultants Ltd; London.
  4. Design Manual For Roads And Bridges; Department of Transport, Scottish Office, Welsh Office & Department of the Environment (NI); 1993; HMSO.
  5. A Planning Strategy For Rural Northern Ireland; DOE(NI); 1993; HMSO.
  6. A Design Guide For Rural Northern Ireland; DOE(NI); 1994; HMSO.
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