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DCAN 15: Vehicular Access Standards
Visibility - Other Requirements

4.1 The area within visibility splays (both those beside the minor road and those required for forward visibility) must be cleared to provide a surface no higher than some 250mm above the level of the adjacent carriageway. Minor departures from this requirement, such as the retention of a single slender pole or column, may be permitted at the discretion of the Department as long as visibility is not materially affected. Once provided, visibility splays must be retained and kept clear. In this regard it will be helpful for trees and shrubs to be planted at least 3m to the rear of the visibility splay to allow for future growth. However, where there is existing hedge/bank or amenity is a consideration, a hawthorn or natural species hedge may be required 0.5m behind the visibility splay to maintain the character of the rural area. To reduce the impact of an access on the countryside, its location and design must be carefully considered and existing access, including lanes, should be used where possible. Further guidance on fitting new buildings into the landscape can be found in Department’s ‘Design Guide for Rural Northern Ireland’ 6.
4.2 Visibility in a vertical plane must normally be provided from a driver’s eye height of 1.05m to 2.00m to an object height between 0.26m and 1.05m. For a minor access carrying less than 250 vehicles per day the minimum object height may be relaxed to 1.05m provided there is no relaxation of the distance given in Table B.
4.3 The Department will not introduce a speed limit simply to facilitate a new access.
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