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DCAN 14: Siting and Design of Radio Telecommunication Equipment
Other Radio Telecommunications Systems

2.18 The long distance telecommunication networks, which provide the backbone infrastructure for telecommunications and broadcasting operators, sometimes use fixed radio links in addition to cable links. These radio links are provided by microwave dish antennas located on towers, buildings or other structures. Direct line of sight is needed and to cover long distances, or to circumvent obstacles, intermediate repeater radio stations are occasionally necessary.
2.19 Broadcasting antennas are generally installed on large lattice masts to maximise coverage. Installation of new broadcasting equipment will be required to facilitate the Governments planned change from the use of analogue to digital signals by 2010.
2.20 Telecommunication operators and broadcasters also use radio to communicate directly with satellites using dish antenna. These are sometimes referred to as ‘satellite earth stations’. There are other systems in use including maritime, aeronautical and amateur radio systems, each with a variety of equipment.
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