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DCAN 14: Siting and Design of Radio Telecommunication Equipment
The Series of Options

3.4 In selecting the site and design, which minimises contrast, operators will find it helpful to consider the following series of options. The options are:
  • installing small scale equipment and antennas;
  • blending in and disguising equipment and antennas;
  • installing antennas on buildings or structures;
  • sharing existing sites, masts and other infrastructure; and
  • erecting a new ground based mast.
3.5 The option with the least impact will vary according to site conditions, technical constraints, and coverage and capacity requirements and landscape character. The series of options is therefore a guide or checklist rather than a rigid sequence of steps to be followed.
3.6 In assessing proposals for new masts, consideration will be given to potential cumulative effects e.g. when two or more masts are simultaneously visible or where several base stations can be seen in succession. Operators must also think beyond an individual proposal and consider how future telecommunications equipment can be integrated into the landscape. One mast on a site may be acceptable, but the cumulative effect of two or three might not.
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