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DCAN 14: Siting and Design of Radio Telecommunication Equipment
Power Supply

3.32 Radio telecommunications equipment requires a power supply. This should be easily achievable within an urban area. In remote locations however there may be no suitable sources nearby. Often the cheapest way to provide power to a remote location is by installing new overhead powerlines, but this will usually add to the landscape impact. In forested areas it will require maintenance of a clear corridor. In sensitive locations it may be necessary to underground power supplies for all or part of their length. Care must be taken to ensure sensitive reinstatement of the damaged ground. Undergrounding of cabling will not be considered appropriate in areas with known archaeology.
3.33 Another option in rural areas is to use a generator, though refuelling and maintenance will add to the operator’s costs. Where there is no access track all terrain vehicles can cause erosion. Ideally therefore a generator should be sited where it can be refuelled from an existing road or access track, and connected by cable to the base station. Where a generator is proposed consideration will be given to potential noise impacts.
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