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DCAN 13: Crèches, Day Nurseries and Pre-School Play Groups
Conditions, Rural Areas and HSSB Requirements

Imposition of Conditions

15. Where promotion is granted for the provision of a crèche, day nursery of pre-school playgroup, the Department may impost conditions covering the following aspects:-
  • the total number of children cared for on the site to ensure the business does not expand beyond the capacity of the site;
  • he days and hours of opening where necessary to minimise possible adverse effects of any proposal on residential amenity;
  • landscaping and screening where appropriate;
  • a time-limited permission may be granted where a trial period is considered appropriate.

Rural Areas

16. Proposals for such uses in rural areas will be considered in the context of the Department's Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland. The Department considers that towns and other smaller rural settlements acting as existing service centres for the surrounding population are the appropriate location for rural crèches, day nurseries and pre-school playgroups. Outside settlements, permission may be granted in a rural area to meet a defined local need. To be acceptable such a proposal would need to be:-
  • part-use of an existing residential property; the total conversion of a dwelling would not be acceptable;
  • acceptable in terms of the visual impact on the landscape, including the impact of car parking and alterations to the access;
  • accessed to a road other than a Main Traffic Route.
This policy will also apply in a Green Belt or Countryside Policy Area.

Health & Social Services Board Requirements

17. In determining all applications the Department shall have regard to the requirements for registration by the relevant Health and Social Services Board. These requirements include internal and external space standards, maximum number of children and staff to child ratios.
Development Control Advice Notes are available from:
The Planning Service
Department of the Environment (NI)
Clarence Court
10-18 Adelaide Street
or Divisional Planning Offices
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