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DCAN 13: Crèches, Day Nurseries and Pre-School Play Groups
Access, Parking and Proliferation of Use

Access Arrangements

12. Proposals which involve development at locations such as a busy road junction or a dangerous bend or the formation of a new vehicular access on to a main traffic route or where access standards cannot be achieved will not receive favourable consideration. The Department will also require to be satisfied that the additional traffic generated by the proposal will not give rise to dangerous traffic conditions. If access or sightline requirements result in an unacceptable loss of amenity by the removal of existing landscaping applications are unlikely to receive favourable consideration. Replanting behind sightlines will normally be a condition of planning permission. Openings for vehicle access should be kept to a minimum and should not exceed 50% of the site frontage.

Car Parking Provision

13. Off-street car parking should normally be provided to the following standards:-
Staff parking
  • one space per 3 full-time members of staff;
  • one space per 6 part-time members of staff;
Visitor parking
  • one space per 10 children is considered to be adequate.
Whist these set standards will be used as a guide each application will be considered on its merits. Where possible, applicants should consider the provision of a lay-by facility along the frontage of the site. Provision must be made for vehicles to enter and leave the site in a forward gear.

Proliferation of Use

14. The Department is of the opinion that while in many areas the introduction of one or two specialist uses of this nature may be acceptable, a proliferation of such uses can collectively lead to a changed in the overall character of an area. In determining each individual application therefore, the Department will take into consideration the number and location of other non-residential and specialist residential uses and the cumulative effect of these uses on the immediate neighbourhood.
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