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DCAN 12: Planning Control for Hazardous Substances
Gas Pipelines

77. The hazardous substances consent system does not apply to controlling the presence of substances in gas pipelines. Instead, existing controls relating to such pipelines, as set out in the Gas (Northern Ireland) Order 1996 Opens link in a new browser window1 and the Pipelines Safety Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1997 Opens link in a new browser window2 will continue to be relied upon. However, substances contained in that part of a pipeline which is on, over or under the site to or from which it leads should be aggregated with other substances on the site for control purposes, because they should be regarded as part of the overall inventory of substances on that site. Similar considerations apply where a pipeline is wholly within a site. In the case of a gas undertaker’s supply pipelines, however, it is considered that it would be 1 S.I. 1996/275 (N.I.2) 2 S.R. 1997 No. 193 impracticable to take account of the gas in a service pipe connected to a consumer’s premises. Appropriate exemptions to cover substances in a service pipe or in a pipeline outside of a site to which it has an outlet or inlet are contained at regulation 4(2) of the Regulations.
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