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DCAN 12: Planning Control for Hazardous Substances
Fees for Hazardous Substances Consent Applications

66. An application for hazardous substances consent must be accompanied by an appropriate fee payment. These are set out in regulation 20. The fees should enable recovery of the Department’s normal administration costs in handling consent applications. The level of fees will be reviewed regularly with this objective in mind.
67. For applications for a consent up to but not exceeding twice the controlled quantity of a substance, the fee is £250. For proposals for consent which exceeds twice the controlled quantity, the fee is £400. This is based on the premise that, by and large, the more a proposal exceeds the controlled quantity, the greater the off-site risk that could arise, and more careful consideration is therefore likely to be necessary. For applications for removal of conditions and continuation of consent where hsc already exists a flat rate of £200 applies. The scale of fees will be reviewed from time to time, as other planning fees are reviewed.
68. Deemed consent is an entitlement which does not require a decision from the Department, so there is no charge for these claims.
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