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DCAN 11(Draft): Access for all - Designing for an Accessible Environment
Other Elements of the Build

Street Furniture

7.42 Street furniture (lampposts, bollards, litterbins, telephone boxes, seating etc) should be located so that it does not obstruct pedestrian movement along pathways. The use of colour contrast, textured paving or raised kerbs can all help assist in distinguishing street furniture to aid the visually impaired. Bollards should generally be not less than 1 metre high with good colour contrast and linking chains should be avoided.
7.43 'A' boards, menu stands or other freestanding or mobile display material should not be located on pathways because they cause obstruction and are a hazard for blind and partially sighted people.
7.44 Where seating is proposed on the forecourts of premises such as bars or restaurants care should be taken to ensure that this will not obstruct pedestrian movement or represent a potential hazard to people who are blind or partially sighted.
Figure 7: Street funiture - avoiding hazards
Figure 7. Street furniture – avoiding hazards

Cash dispensers / Automated Telling Machines (ATMs)

7.45 Cash dispenser machines should be accessible from a wheelchair. Controls need to be within reach both horizontally and vertically, and need to be legible. The card slot and dispenser should be no higher than 1.3 metres, preferably 1.2 metres maximum. The display panel needs to be angled so that it is easily seen and usable from a wheelchair. Push buttons which are well spaced, colour contrasted and with tactile or raised numbers can assist partially sighted people.
7.46 The space in front of the machine should be level and clear of obstacles. A recessed area below the machine will create space for wheelchair footplates, but the dispenser should not project into a pathway and thus become an obstacle.

Controlled Crossings

7.47 Where a controlled pedestrian crossing is required as part of development proposals it must cater for the visually and/ or hearing impaired and be in accordance with DRD Roads Service standards.
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