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DCAN 11(Draft): Access for all - Designing for an Accessible Environment
Approach to the Building

7.12 Pedestrian routes from adjacent roads, bus stops and taxi drop-off points should be clearly defined and well lit continuing up to entrances to buildings.
7.13 Pathways should be free of obstacles and at least 1.8 metres wide to allow wheelchairs to pass. A greater width may be required, for example at transport pick up points or where large pedestrian flows are anticipated. Pathways may narrow to 1.2 metres to pass an isolated obstruction.
7.14 The pathway system should where possible be designed to avoid crossing vehicular routes within the site. Where this is not practicable blister type tactile paving and dropped kerbs flush with the carriageway should be installed at all crossing points, in accordance with the standards used by DRD Roads Service. The tactile surface should be extended the entire width of the dropped kerb. Dropped kerbs should also be located directly opposite one another.
7.15 Where forecourts or landscaped areas are part of the approach to an entrance, there should be a direct and unobstructed route to the entrance which is well lit. Surfaces should be firm and non-slip and obstacles such as path edges, trees, seats and bollards should be clearly defined to assist partially sighted people.
7.16 All planting should be well maintained and kept trimmed-back away from pedestrian routes. Overhanging tree branches should not be low enough to cause a hazard and care should be taken to keep low branches trimmed as necessary to ensure this.
7.17 Colour contrast and tactile finishes in hard landscaping should be used to help define routes, and warn people with mobility difficulties of possible dangers or hazards such as a change in level.
7.18 Features which may obstruct a route adjacent to a building, such as outward opening doors or windows, can be a hazard to partially sighted people. Textured paving or guard rails should be used to alert people to these.
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