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DCAN 11(Draft): Access for all - Designing for an Accessible Environment
Annex D - Draft Development Control Advice Note 11 Screening for Equality Impact Assessment

Northern Ireland Act 1998 (Section 75) - Statutory Equality Obligations

1.0 General Details

1.1 Title of policy / policy document and date to be introduced:

Consultation Draft Development Control Advice Note 11 (revised) – ‘Access For All – Designing for an Accessible Environment’, June 2003.

1.2 Brief summary of the policy / policy document:

The revised Development Control Advice Note (DCAN) is an updated version of one a series of Advice Notes which provide non-statutory supplementary planning guidance in support of the Department’s planning policies. The original DCAN 11 ‘Access for People with Disabilities’ was published in 1991.
It should be noted that the DCAN is not of itself a policy document, rather it is intended to complement the Department’s recently updated policy on the creation of an accessible environment contained in consultation draft Planning Policy Statement 3 ‘Access, Movement and Parking’ (PPS 3) published in December 2002. It is an objective of this PPS to ensure the needs of people with impaired mobility are taken into account in relation to accessibility and parking provision. The PPS includes policy on the creation of an accessible environment – Policy AMP 1 and deals with the provision of dedicated parking provision for people with disabilities – Policy AMP 7.
The draft DCAN provides design guidance for developers and their agents on the creation of a more accessible environment. It focuses specifically on the needs of people with disabilities and includes guidance on:
  • reserved car parking;
  • the approach to a building;
  • access to a building;
  • the entrance into a building; and
  • other elements of the built environment.
The revised document also seeks to increase awareness among building owners and managers, architects, surveyors and developers about their statutory and legal obligations regarding the needs of disabled people. Information about undertaking an access audit is included together with advice regarding improved access to historic buildings and sites.

1.3 Aims of the policy / policy document:

As noted above the DCAN is not of itself a policy document rather it provides supplementary guidance to support policy contained in PPS 3 Access, Movement and Parking.
The main aims of the Advice Note are:
  • to raise awareness about legal obligations and best practice regarding access for people with disabilities, in particular the Disability Discrimination Act 1995; and
  • to provide design guidance that will assist in the promotion of a more inclusive environment with access for all.
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