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DCAN 11: Access for People with Disabilities
Further Information

17. Further information on the technical aspects of providing an accessible environment can be obtained from:
The Senior Access Officer
The N.1. Council on Disability
2 Annadale Avenue
18. The following publications give additional information and may be of help to prospective developers:
  1. Access Committee for England "Access for Disabled People: Design Guidance Notes for Developers" 1985.
  2. Access Committee for England "Designing for People with Sensory Impairments" 1986.
  3. N.I. Council on Disability "Access Guidelines for Developers" 1989.
  4. British Standards Institution: "Code of Practice for Access for the Disabled to Buildings" BS 5810 1979.
  5. Department of Education and Science Design Note 18 "Access for the Physically Disabled to Educational Buildings" 1984.
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