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DCAN 8: Housing in Existing Urban Areas
5.0 Types of Proposals for New Residential Development in Existing Urban Areas

5.1 New housing proposals in existing urban areas can take various forms including the demolition and redevelopment of existing houses; development on backland plots; the conversion and extension of existing houses; and utilising opportunities for Living Over The Shop (LOTS).
5.2 In general, the Department will look more favourably at proposals for the sympathetic re-use of existing buildings as compared to proposals involving demolition and redevelopment. Proposals for redevelopment will need to be carefully justifi ed in terms of their relationship to surrounding buildings, landscape and streetscape. All new housing proposals will require careful appraisal in terms of their effect on the character of the area and on the privacy and amenity of residents.
5.3 There are different design issues which need to be addressed when considering the various types of new housing proposals which can be made in existing urban areas.
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