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DCAN 8: Housing in Existing Urban Areas
A Design-led Approach

3.4 A design-led approach will help to ensure that any new development within urban areas contributes to maintaining, and where possible, enhancing urban quality.
The successful application of such an approach requires:
  • an appreciation of the surrounding context and setting of sites, illustrating how this informs scheme design at both the structural and detailed levels;
  • an understanding of the urban design and architectural principles which underpin successful residential environments;
  • an integrated approach to the design of new housing which brings together planning, urban design, landscape, architecture and transport expertise; and
  • positive dialogue between developers, the Planning Service, the local community and other stakeholders,including District Councils.
3.5 The design principles for successful development in existing urban areas operate at different spatial scales, ranging from the strategic, to the neighbourhood, and then to the site and its immediate surroundings. The aim is to create housing which responds to the location and setting of the site and which is fully integrated with the surrounding community.
3.6 The rest of this section sets out advice on some of the key planning and design principles which form the basis of a design-led approach, looking fi rst at strategic principles followed by detailed principles. It is important to recognise that these are applicable to all housing proposals in existing urban areas, and will therefore also apply to established residential areas.
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