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DCAN 8: Housing in Existing Urban Areas
Different options for accommodating car parking communal and grouped surface parking

3.41 Surface level parking courts are a common approach to parking for higher density apartment development. They provide greater flexibility in accommodating variations in car ownership across households, including the changing pattern of car ownership as residents move through different stages of the family and car ownership cycle.
3.42 Provision for car parking should be broken up into a number of smaller areas, instead of one large car park, and it should be well integrated into the landscape strategy for the development.
3.43 Communal parking can also enable traditional boundary treatments such as walls, hedges and fences to be incorporated so providing a clear definition between the civic space of the street and the private realm of the dwelling. It is preferable for car parking to be located in an area within view of residents and which will benefit from appropriate natural surveillance.
3.44 Rear parking courts can provide for a strong street frontage with unobtrusive parking behind. However, rear parking courts have often become a source of nuisance and danger and the Department would need to be convinced about the robustness of this approach in the context of the particular site and the proposed housing development.
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