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DCAN 8: Housing in Existing Urban Areas
Creating an attractive landscape setting

3.27 Quality landscaping both hard and soft is always important. However, the more urban a scheme, the less space that will be available for landscaping, and the greater the attention which must be paid to the landscape strategy, the choice of materials, planting and lighting.
3.28 In considering planning applications the Department will look to developers and their professional advisors to present imaginative and well considered landscaping proposals which contribute to the creation of a quality urban environment, a sense of distinctiveness, and which help to integrate new development into its surrounding context. However, landscaping should not conflict with the benefits of appropriate natural surveillance, create a fear of crime or lead to road safety problems.
3.29 Developers are encouraged to work more closely with landscape architects, and conservation bodies which have an expertise in these areas. ‘Creating Places – Achieving Quality in Residential Developments’, provides further supplementary planning guidance in relation to landscape design and planting.
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