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DCAN 8: Housing in Existing Urban Areas
Dedicated Parking

3.50 Dedicated parking requires a higher absolute level of parking provision than communal parking, because it does not provide the same flexibility towards variations in car ownership. However, it can be an appropriate approach particularly for detached and semi-detached houses in generous plots where parking takes place on driveways screened from the road by walls and hedges.
3.51 In more urban contexts such as with semi-detached, terraced and town houses, dedicated in-curtilage parking can reduce the parking capacity of the street, breakdown the distinction between civic and private space and reduce the opportunities for landscape and greenery. In particular, the tendency for some standard town house types to incorporate an integral garage at ground floor level can create a dead frontage effect and remove life from street level. Such space could be better used to provide additional living accommodation.
3.52 It is important to ensure that the design of screen walls and hedges to frontages do not limit appropriate natural surveillance.
3.53 As stated earlier, the design principles outlined in this section apply to all proposals for housing in existing urban areas, including established residential areas which provide the focus for the following section.
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