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DCAN 4: Restaurants, Cafes and Fast Food Outlets
District and Local Centres

4.10 The primary role of district and local centres 3 is the provision of locally accessible convenience goods. However, PPS 5 acknowledges that ‘district and local centres often provide, in addition to retailing, services to the local community…’ and that these ‘…are often appropriate and desirable and will normally be acceptable within or adjoining district and local centres’.
4.11 Many urban areas contain commercialised radial routes, which have many similarities with district and local centres, in terms of scale and function and in the variety of shops and local services. Therefore, proposals for restaurants, cafés and fast food outlets on such routes will be subject to the same considerations as those applicable to district and local centres.
3 District Centres are defined in PPS 5 ‘Retailing and Town Centres’ as ‘Groups of shops, separate from the town centre, usually containing at least one food supermarket or superstore and non-retail service uses such as banks, building societies and restaurants’. Local Centres are defined as ‘Small groupings of shops, typically comprising a general grocery store, a sub-post office, occasionally a pharmacy and other small shops of a local nature’
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