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DCAN 4: Restaurants, Cafes and Fast Food Outlets
Appendix 2: Planning Applications

In order that the Department can give full consideration to applications, it is recommended that, in the first instance, applicants read the following leaflets produced by Planning Service:
In addition, applicants for restaurants, cafés and fast food outlets will be required, where appropriate, to submit the following details:
  • 1:50 scale drawings of the location and siting of any proposed external ventilation ducting and any other mechanical plant indicating clearly its design and dimensions and relationship to existing and proposed windows and architectural features.
  • Indicate on the submitted drawings clearly the location of the fan and motor elements within the ducting, specifying details of silencers or other sound attenuation measures, including anti-vibration mountings and acoustic cladding.
  • Confirm that the proposed ventilation ducting will achieve a minimum of 30 air changes per hour and/or 0.2-0.5 metres/second across the canopy face or 1.5-2.0 metres/second across the filter.
  • Provide details of proposed refuse storage and collection arrangements (particularly the storage/disposal of putrescible waste material). All refuse should be stored in suitable containers within an enclosed area, which should be clearly identified on the submitted drawings.
  • Provide details of L.P.G. storage arrangements and provision of grease traps to the drainage system.
  • Give details of any off-street parking provision. If on-site car parking spaces are proposed, these should be clearly identified on the submitted drawings.
  • Give details to show that all glazed areas which could result in nois nuisance will be double glazed and non-openable, and that all external doors will be self closing. Where windows are required to be fixed, a suitably silenced mechanical ventilation system will be required.
  • Give details of the size of the restaurant. The area proposed for the use of customers should be clearly identified on the submitted drawings and the number of covers should be confirmed.
  • Indicate whether the use is primarily for a restaurant, café or take-away.
  • Specify details of the intended days and hours of operation including servicing and deliveries intended to take place outside normal opening hours.
  • State the anticipated staffing levels.
  • Give details of any delivery service.
  • Give details of those areas of the premises where entertainment may take place and/or live or amplified music played together with any sound attenuation measures to be incorporated in order to reduce noise breakout.
  • The Department may request further information regarding the application such as the sound power levels of individual pieces of machinery (e.g. fan and motor units) which is obtainable from manufacturers and suppliers, and details of the calculated sound pressure level and the background sound level, both of these levels being measured one metre from the boundary of the site and predicted back to one metre from the façade of the nearest noise sensitive premises.
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