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Malone Conservation Area

Location: Belfast
Designation date: 04 August 2000
Variation date: 16 December 2011

Malone Conservation Area

Malone emerged as a residential suburb in the late nineteenth century, with new development taking place that included detached, semi-detached and terraced residential dwellings fron the Victorian, Edwardian, Inter and immediate Post-War periods.
The Conservation Area also has an attractive landscape, with mature street trees and gardens contributing immensely to its character.
These factors have combined to produce an historically rich and physically varied built environment; one which remains today as tangible and enduring evidence of the suburbanisation process undertaken on the slopes and along the spine of the Malone Ridge.
Malone Conservation Area was originally designated in 2000 and due to the period of time that had elapsed since its designation, work commended in 2009 on a boundary review, an updated character appraisal and design guidance.

Boundary Variation

In December 2011 the boundary was varied.  This involved the exclusion of areas to the east of the current Conservation Area (principally the recent Danesfort development, Queens Elms estate and grounds at Stranmillis College).  It also involved inclusion of additional areas along the northern and southern boundaries (principally Wellington Park and Wellesley Avenue and part of the Harberton and Shrewsbury area).

Character Appraisal

The updated Character Appraisal divided the Conservation Area into 13 Sub Areas.  This is considered necessary due to the size of the area, and in order to recognise the unique character of the individual parts of Malone, which have a distinctive identity of their own based on attributes such as setting, layout, styles of architecture and plot sizes.

Design Guide

Design Guidance has also been prepared with the aim of encouraging a well cared for historic environment by promoting the retention of authentic historic fabric and the use of appropriate materials and historic construction methods for repairs and alterations.  It also seeks to promote a form of development that will reinforce the character of the area and the townscape in which it is situated by drawing heavily on the surrounding context.  Finally, it seeks to safeguard the landscaping of the area that contributes so positively to the character of Malone Conservation Area.
Further copies of this document, including maps, priced £10, can be obtained by telephone:  (028) 90 252823, or fax: (028) 90 252967 or from the Belfast Area Planning Office.  The document is also available to download below, excluding maps. The maps can be viewed by clicking on the link to the relevant Sub Area or Appendix Map in the Related Maps box.
The document will be used to manage change within the Conservation Area.  It will be used to assist in the determination of planning applications.  

Related Maps

  • Malone Conservation Area Boundary
Sub Areas Dec 2011
Appendix 1 Map Dec 2011
Appendix 2 Map Dec 2011
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