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PPS21 Sustainable Development in the Countryside

Issued by: Department of Environment
Status: Final
Published: Will be effective from 1 June 2010
PPS 21 sets out planning policies for development in the countryside.  For the purpose of this document the countryside is defined as land lying outside of settlement limits as identified in development plans.  The provisions of this document will apply to all areas of Northern Ireland's countryside.

Ministerial Statement on the Review into the operation of PPS21

On 16 July 2013 Alex Attwood MLA issued a written Ministerial Statement on his review into how PPS 21 is being applied in practice.
The review, whilst not a fundamental review of rural planning policy, has been a real time assessment of what is going on in planning offices in terms of the application and consistent interpretation of the policy since it was published in June 2010. Its aim has been two fold
  • firstly, informed by experiences and perceptions of all those involved in sustainable development in the countryside, to take appropriate steps necessary to ensure everyone is treated consistently; and
  • secondly, to ensure appropriate flexibility on the operation of PPS21 in line with its content and substance.
This statement is an account of the approach to this work, interventions and findings to date.

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Any queries in relation to this document should be directed to your local Divisional and Sub-Divisional Planning Offices.
A Summary of Consultations Responses (Opens PDF document in a new browser window 130 KB) detailing some of the main issues to emerge from the public consultation on the draft document has been produced and is available for download.  
In the interest of protecting the environment, where possible, the use of electronic means to view both documents is encouraged. However, if you require a hard copy or wish to enquire about alterantive formats, please contact us.

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