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Magherafelt Area Plan 2015
Settlements: Draperstown

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Draperstown is located 12 km north-west of Magherafelt town and is set within gently undulating farmland in the Upper Moyola Valley, at the foot of the Sperrin Mountains which provide an impressive backdrop to the west.
Draperstown is an example of a ‘green’ village. Originally the buildings were laid out in a triangular village green, the Fair Hill and along three streets. Later the green became The Shambles, and this, together with the open space of the Fair Hill, and the wide crossroads at the head of St. Patrick’s St. provides a distinctive townscape and historic settlement form.
The buildings are located in accordance with a clearly defined and well established building line. The triangular feature known as The Shambles together with the wide crossroads creates a distinctive settlement pattern.
Early development took the form of terraces of residential and commercial properties along High Street and St. Patrick’s Street. More recent development has spread out along the radial roads in the form of single dwellings and small housing estates.
Key buildings within the village include: St.Columba’s Church, Tobermore Road (1888); the Courthouse, 20 High Street (1839); and the Presbyterian Meeting House, 47 High Street (1843). These three ‘Listed’ buildings help frame the village green/cross area from the south-west; St.Patrick’s Street and Sixtowns Road.
The core of the village was designated a Conservation Area in 1979, the boundary of which is shown on the Draperstown Settlement Map. Detailed guidance on development within the Conservation Area is provided in the Draperstown Conservation Area Design Guide booklet.
Draperstown is a local service centre containing a variety of shops and offices, several places of worship, public houses, a visitors centre, livestock market and two schools. The village has a very strong industrial base including industrial estates on the Cahore Road, Tobermore Road (46 unit Business Centre), and Magherafelt Road.
Designation DN 01 Settlement Development Limit
A settlement development limit is designated as identified on Map No. 9 - Draperstown.
The settlement development limit is designated to take account of land with extant planning permission for housing. The settlement development limit also takes account of the role of the settlement whilst protecting its natural setting. The Settlement Development Limit excludes the important landscapes to the north of the village, and south of the Presbyterian Meeting House, the stream corridor, linear park and visually associated land, between Moykeeran Gardens, to the east and Derrynoyd Road, to the west, and Best and Most Versatile (BMV) agricultural land. The settlement development limit also prevents ribbon development on the Derrynoyd Road around Woodbine Cottage.
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