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Magherafelt Area Plan 2015
Settlements: Castledawson Industry

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Land designated as Industrial Land Use Policy Areas will be developed in accordance with prevailing regional planning policy and the relevant Plan Proposals including key site requirements where specified.
Designation CN 06 Industrial Land Use Policy Existing Area Land to Rear of Existing Industry at Bells Hill Road
0.84 hectare of land to the rear of existing industry at Bells Hill Road is designated as an Industrial Land Use Policy Area as identified on Map No. 8 - Castledawson.
Key Site Requirements:
  • The site is to be used for light industrial use as defined in Class B2 of the Planning (Use Classes) Order 2004 and for no other type of industrial use.
  • The site shall be accessed via the existing industrial access on Bells Hill Road.
  • Contemporaneous with the new development, the eastern boundary of the site adjacent to the Moyola River is to be planted with a 5-8 metre belt of trees of native species to provide screening for the development and to afford protection for the visual amenity and character of the river corridor (refer to Designation CN 09).

Existing Industrial Land

The following areas of existing industrial land are shown for information only on Map No. 8 - Castledawson:
  • Curran Road
  • Moyola Road
  • Bells Hill Road.
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