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Magherafelt Area Plan 2015
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In line with its role as a local hub as established by the Regional Development Strategy (RDS) and its District Town status, it is considered appropriate and in accordance with the RDS, that Magherafelt should accommodate a substantial portion of the District housing allocation.
The Plan makes provision for approximately 2,130 dwellings in Magherafelt town over the Plan period. This includes dwellings built since 31 December 1998, the yield arising from existing commitments and the estimated yield delivered by the housing zonings. A total of approximately 77 hectares of land is zoned for housing in Magherafelt town under Allocation HOU 1 in Part 2 of the Plan. Housing lands are identified on Map No. 5 - Magherafelt.
Sites have been selected to allow for the efficient use of land within the urban footprint, to provide choice in the housing market and to include existing commitments on sites where development has occurred since the beginning of the Plan period. Other factors influencing site selection include accessibility to the town centre and to public transport and the aim to minimise detrimental impact upon the environment.
Zoned housing land will be developed in accordance with all prevailing regional planning policy and with the relevant Plan Proposals including the key site requirements. These key site requirements may include access requirements, infrastructure requirements, public open space provision, landscaping and other site specific requirements. In the case of the larger sites, the submission to the Department of a Concept Master Plan will be a key site requirement in the interests of comprehensive and quality development.
Some of the zoned housing sites in Magherafelt are subject to drainage constraints. Prospective developers are recommended to consult with Rivers Agency of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and with the Northern Ireland Water (NIW) at an early stage. Further advice is contained in the Public Services and Utilities section in Part 2 of the Plan.

Housing Zonings

The following sites MT 02 – MT 25 are zoned for housing as identified on Map No. 5 - Magherafelt.
Zoning MT 02 Housing Committed Housing Sites (Built Sites)
The following sites are zoned for housing as identified on Map No. 5 - Magherafelt:
MT 02/01     Hospital Road
MT 02/02     Deramore Park
MT 02/03     The Brambles
MT 02/04     The Spires, Station Road
MT 02/05     Sherbourne Park/Heights
MT 02/06     Piney Hill
Committed sites include approved housing sites developed in full or in part for 10 or more dwellings since the commencement of the Plan period.
Zoning MT 03 Housing Committed Housing Sites (Other Sites)
The following sites are zoned for housing as identified on Map No. 5 - Magherafelt:
MT 03/01     Desertmartin Road (0.92 ha)
MT 03/02     Mullaghboy Hill Road (1.23 ha)
MT 03/03     Mullaghboy Lane (0.42 ha)
MT 03/04     Tobermore Road (0.86 ha)
MT 03/05     Mullaghboy Lane (3.9 ha)
MT 03/06     Moneymore Road (0.81 ha)
MT 03/07     Queen’s Avenue (0.22 ha)
MT 03/08     Piney Hill, off Ballyronan Road (0.67 ha)
MT 03/09     Mullaghboy Lane (1.78 ha)
MT 03/10     South of Aughrim Road (2.41 ha)
Committed sites include sites with planning permission for housing. Only those sites with approval or potential for 10 dwellings or more have been zoned for housing.
The Plan does not stipulate key site requirements for these sites as future development will be subject to the conditions attached to the relevant planning permissions. In the event that such permissions lapse, the Department may alter existing conditions or attach new conditions to any subsequent approval to take account of prevailing regional planning policy and the Plan Proposal.
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