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Magherafelt Area Plan 2015
Settlements: Inishrush

Designation IH 01 Settlement Development Limit
A settlement development limit is designated as identified on Map No. 22 - Inishrush.

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The settlement development limit is designated to provide development opportunities in line with the scale, character and role of this compact settlement, while preventing ribboning and urban sprawl into the surrounding countryside. It excludes lands of high environmental quality and wildlife value, and historically important features of the man-made landscape along the Clady River and its environs.
Designation IH 02 Local Landscape Policy Area
A Local Landscape Policy Area is designated as identified on Map No. 1 - Countryside and Map No. 22 - Inishrush.
Those features or combination of features that contribute to the environmental quality, integrity or character of this area are listed below:
  • St. Nossonus C of I Church, a Listed Building, with graveyard and trees, is a landmark building situated on a hill to the east of the settlement and visible over a wider area, including Clady and the Mayogall Road.
  • The old flax mill, mill race and weir on Ford Road represent local industrial heritage;
  • Clady River corridor and associated vegetation acts as a wildlife corridor and provides attractive distant views of the settlement, including Clady and the Mayogall Road;
  • Rising land to the east of the settlement, visible in the wider landscape, provides a backdrop and contributes to the setting of the settlement.
Policy for the control of development in Local Landscape Policy Areas is contained in Policy CON 2 in Part 2 of the Plan.
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