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Magherafelt Area Plan 2015
Settlements: Gracefield

Designation GD 01 Settlement Development Limit
A settlement development limit is designated as identified on Map No. 20 - Gracefield.

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The settlement development limit is designated to provide development opportunities in line with the scale, character and role of the settlement, while preventing ribboning and urban sprawl into the surrounding countryside. It excludes surrounding lands of high environmental quality and wildlife value, and historically important features of the man-made landscape.
Gracefield is not served by a public sewage system. Developers will be required to make arrangements for new development proposals which will satisfy consent to discharge, issued under the Water (NI) Order 1999.
Designation GD 02 Local Landscape Policy Area
A Local Landscape Policy Area is designated as identified on Map No. 1 - Countryside and Map No. 20 - Gracefield.
Those features or combination of features that contribute to the environmental quality, integrity or character of this area are listed below:
  • Former Moravian Church, now Gracefield C of I Church, is of particular historical interest, and is a landmark building; including its setting and views;
  • Moravian Burial Ground, its historical interest, setting and views;
  • Visually significant band of trees around the Moravian Burial Ground and its contribution to the setting of the settlement;
  • Industrial heritage value associated with the spade mill site, mill dams and millrace on Gracefield Road;
  • Several stream corridors traverse the area, providing an important local landscape feature and act as wildlife corridors.
The Department has included part of a field to the east of the Gracefield Road within Designation GD 02. Residential Development proposals on this site shall be in accordance with the following site development requirements:

Site Development Requirements

  • Dwellings shall be either 1 or 1½ storey, or a combination of both;
  • Dwellings shall be of a modest scale with single storey dwellings having a maximum floor area of 120 square metres, and 1½ storey dwellings having a maximum floor area of 160 square metres;
  • Dwellings shall be of vernacular design and proportions, including a vertical emphasis to fenestration with a bias in favour of the solid to void ratio, with roofs pitched and ridged and rising away from the road;
  • Dwellings shall face the public road;
  • Dwellings shall open directly onto the back edge of the public footpath / road or be set back with short front gardens;
  • Dwellings shall be a mixture of detached, semi-detached or short terraces of 3, irregularly spaced and with gaps affording views from the Gracefield Road to the Ballymaguigan Road and beyond;
  • Outbuildings shall be sited to the rear of the dwellings;
  • There shall be a maximum of 8 dwelling units on the site; in depth development is not appropriate within the context of Gracefield.
Policy for the control of development in Local Landscape Policy Areas is contained in Policy CON 2 in Part 2 of the Plan.
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