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Plan History

Date operative: 14th December 2011
Plan Area: Magherafelt District Council Area

Plan Chronology

  • December 2011: Magherafelt Area Plan 2015 Adopted
  • January 2011: Planning Appeals Commission Report received
  • May-June 2009: Stage Two (Site Specific Issues) Independent Examination
  • February 2009: Stage One (Strategic Issues) Independent Examination
  • May 2005: Draft Plan Revised Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • May 2005: Draft Plan Revision Statement
  • April 2004: Supplements published with the Draft Plan:
    1. Technical Supplements (Population & Housing, Industry, Commerce, Education, Social & Community Facilities, Tourism, Open Space & Outdoor Recreation, Public Utilities, Transportation and Public Participation)
    2. Countryside Assessment Supplement (incorporating Development Pressure Analysis, Settlement Appraisal and Archaeological Sites and Monuments)
    3. Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) Supplement
  • April 2004: Draft Plan published
  • December 2000: Issues Paper published
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