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Larne Area Plan 2010

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Glenarm is situated 16 kms north of Larne on the Coast Road and had a population of approximately 621 in 1991. Glenarm has historically developed around the harbour. The older part of the village was designated a Conservation Area in March 1975. Glenarm Castle presents an important historical setting for the village and will provide self-catering tourist accommodation and limited public access to the Castle grounds. More recent development has resulted in a ribbon of development to the west along the Coast Road. The eastern side of the village is dominated by the existing Whiting Mill.
The Department has identified sites for small scale sensitive development and included additional land within the development limit.
The village is severely constrained by existing topography, the coast and by the nearby quarry.
Environmental improvements are proposed for the village and will include undergrounding the wirescape and street lighting at Altmore Street and Mark Street.
Glenarm has benefited from Environmental Improvement Schemes at Toberwine Street, the Vennel and Castle Street.
The Department proposes to acquire and relocate the Whiting Mill to a site within the existing Demesne Quarry at Munie Road. It is also proposed to further develop the harbour following the relocation of the Mill.
The vacant Whiting Mill site will be used to develop tourist facilities for visitors and a touring caravan park. (See Village Map.) The development of the harbour will include repairing, upgrading and dredging of the harbour for tourist and commercial use. It is also proposed to upgrade the car park, bridges, river walkways and toilets. (See Village map)
A new community centre is proposed at Munie Road.
This development will include the provision of a football pitch, bowling green and tennis courts, as well as a mountain bike track. The site will also include an area of open space. (See Village Map.)
Within the Conservation Area, all new development will be expected to complement existing good elevational treatment and make a positive contribution to the Conservation Area as a whole. The design of new buildings in relation to scale, mass, proportion, as well as the materials and finishes will require careful consideration.(1)
This may best be achieved by the use of traditional (vernacular) building forms and materials.
(1) Detailed guidance is contained in the Glenarm Design Guide 1994, available from the Ballymena Divisional Planning Office.
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