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A Town Centre boundary has been identified within which uses compatible with those existing will be acceptable.
In order to protect the viability of the adjacent commercial core, only uses compatible with those existing will be acceptable. Appropriate uses may be defined as residential, retail services, hotels, restaurants, bars, banking, estate agents and other office uses. (See Town Centre Proposals Map No. 5.) Outside the town centre such uses will only be acceptable on appropriate sites and subject to the normal planning and environmental criteria. The Town Centre boundary encompasses a number of sub areas each with its own distinctive characteristics which will be respected.


The Department will resist both new retail uses and changes of use of existing buildings to retail use in the area to the north of Exchange Road, Pound Street and Victoria Road. Other non-residential uses may be acceptable depending on the nature of the proposal.
The area is one of mixed use including community services, residential, offices, open space and car parking. A major consideration in deciding planning applications will be the likely general effect generally on amenity and in particular residential amenity.


The properties fronting Riverdale, extending from Bridge Street to High Street and into Pound Street, will be the subject of an Environmental Improvement Scheme, which will include painting schemes, planting and paving.
Riverdale contains three fifteen storey blocks of flats, is surrounded by roads and has a unique character. The area has a run down appearance at present and has suffered from a lack of investment. It contains a parade of shops, retail uses in a converted factory, and the main central government offices in the town.


The Market Yard to the south of the town at Glynn Road presents an opportunity for development. It is proposed to relocate the livestock market to a more appropriate site in the town, which may include zoned industrial land. The precise location will be a detailed matter to be determined through the Development Control process. The variety market will be relocated at Broadway and along Point Street.
Small retail units or alternatively residential development would be the most suitable uses for the vacated market yard.
The Glynn Road area has retained its traditional residential character assisted by a recent residential redevelopment at Meadow Park. It is considered that the essential character of the area should remain unaltered.


It is proposed to enhance the appearance of Circular Road by landscaping the existing open space and the roundabout.
Circular Road is dominated by car parks and roads. The area is of mixed use containing some residential and industrial uses, the RUC station and the railway station. Applications for change of use from residential to non-residential may be acceptable depending on the nature of the proposal and the effect on residential amenity.


Environmental Improvement Schemes are proposed at Glynn Road, Larne River, Pound Street and at Circular Road, Fair Hill and Agnew Street car parks.
These will include painting schemes, planting, paving and refurbishment of walls and fences (see Town Centre Proposals Map No. 5).


The Department will resist applications to change the use of residential properties in Station Road.
Station Road is expected to continue as an area of mainly residential properties in close proximity to the commercial core. The street contains a small number of commercial properties but is mainly residential in character. Consequently the Department is unlikely to approve any new retail developments in Station Road. (see Town Centre Proposals Map No. 5).


The Department will resist the change of use of residential properties to the east of Circular Road backing onto the RUC Station and a further terrace bounded by Quay Street, Circular Road and Cockle Row.
Applications to change the use of these properties to office or retail use are unlikely to be approved. (See Town Centre Proposals Map No. 5).


New build large and medium sized office development will not normally be permitted outside the established Town Centre.
Office development will continue to be concentrated within the established Town Centre to help reinforce the existing administrative and service function of the town. Large scale office development is defined as 200 sq. m. and medium scale as 60-200 sq. m.
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