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Larne Area Plan 2010
Larne Town: Open Space


It is proposed to provide 3 hectares of active open space and additional facilities at Ballyloran. Land at Drumahoe which was previously zoned for industry has been acquired by the Borough Council and will be retained for recreational use.
Active open space provision in Larne at present amounts to 9.5 hectares of land.


The Department will require developers to provide comprehensive areas of active open space within their sites by means of planning agreements. (See Plan Policy H5)
A developers brief has been prepared to assist those who may be involved in house building in the Larne West area. This sets down the Department's requirements in relation to open space. These areas of open space will cater for the requirements of the expected new population and form an integral part of the development.


The Department has zoned 20 hectares of passive open space within Larne Town.
This will include a new park at Craigyhill, land at Linn Glen, an amenity area at The Promenade, an area of open space at the Harbour Highway/Curran Road/Larne River, and extensions to the Curran Park and Larne River walkway. Existing passive open space will continue to be provided at Town Parks, Curran Park, Dixon Park, Smiley and Chaine Parks.


The existing open space facilities within the Town Centre will be upgraded using planting schemes, paving and refurbishment of walls and fences.
Existing open space facilities are provided at, Smiley Park, Circular and Harbour Road roundabouts, Inver Gardens, Bank Road, Fair Hill, Meetinghouse Street and at First Larne Presbyterian Church.


The Department proposes to reserve areas of passive open space at Black Cave North, Tappagh Hill and Linn Glen.
A number of open space areas exist within Larne Town which are important because of their amenity value or location. It is proposed to protect these sites from development and there will be a presumption against development in these locations.
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