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Larne Area Plan 2010
Larne Town: Industry


The Department has zoned 31.7 hectares of land at Drumahoe for industrial use. A small area of land, 4.2 hectares, at Ballyloran behind the existing factories, is also zoned for industrial use.
This land is considered necessary to accommodate the expansion of existing industries and to cater for new inward investment. (See Plan Policy IN1)


A total of 35.25 hectares of land at Larne Harbour.
This includes the “Redlands” site, the adjacent lagoon, the area between the Harbour Highway and the access road to the Redlands Estate and the area east of Coastguard Road, north of the East Antrim Boat Club for harbour associated industry


An area of 11.42 hectares of land has been zoned for mixed use at Bank Road on the southern approach to Larne along the coast.
This site should be developed in a manner in which not less than 55% of the site be used for industrial purposes not more than 35% for residential purposes with the remainder for leisure and ancillary uses associated with a marina type of development. (See Plan Policy IN2)
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