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Larne Town: Housing

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The Department has estimated that over the plan period there will be a need for approximately 1,335 new dwellings. To take account of this the Department has zoned land for housing, primarily at Larne West but also north of Ballycraigy Road and north of Ballyboley Road (see Larne Town Map No. 3).
The Department will require high standards of design and layout within all housing areas and will seek to protect the amenities of occupiers of any adjoining sites (see Plan Policy H4). The Department will also assess the need for open space provision as an integral part of such development in determining planning applications (see Plan Policy H5).

Residential Housing


Larne West – A site of 110.7 hectares has been zoned to the west of Larne.
The development of housing land at Larne West will take place through a system of distributor roads. It is expected that developers will be responsible for providing that part of the distributor road within their sites. These distributor roads will be designed to be 7.3 m wide with 2 m footpaths and 3.5 m verges on either side. Direct house access will therefore only be from minor access roads. The layout and design of proposed new housing in Larne West should be discussed with the Department at an early stage.


Ballycraigy Road – A site of 6.0 hectares has been zoned adjacent to the existing housing fronting the road.
The site offers the opportunity for small scale development designed to reflect its location at the urban/rural interface.


Blackcave North – A site of 15.6 hectares has been zoned at Blackcave North.
Surrounded by existing developments, housing on this site will be expected to reflect the density and layout of existing developments.


Ballyloran Road – A site of 10.2 hectares has been zoned for residential use.
The site forms part of a large field the remainder of which will be zoned for school use.


Wyncairn Road – A site of 2.69 hectares has been zoned adjacent to Wyncairn Road.
Housing on this site will be expected to reflect the density and layout of existing developments within the vicinity.
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