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Larne Area Plan 2010
Curran Point

Curran Point is the first and last area seen by visitors entering and leaving Northern Ireland through the port of Larne. It is therefore important that the image of the area is improved and that the requirements of competing land uses are reconciled.


The Department has zoned an area adjacent to the existing port facilities which will allow the Harbour Company to expand southwards.
The successful development of Larne Harbour is important not only to Larne but to the economy of Northern Ireland. Opportunities have therefore to be provided to allow further development of the existing facilities.


The existing monument at Olderfleet Castle will be protected from encroaching development and its setting enhanced by the provision of additional open space.
The Department considers that this historic monument should be protected and promoted to encourage a greater number of visitors to the area. (See Plan Policy MAN EN2)
The Department does not wish to see a further deterioration in the physical environment on Curran Point particularly as this has the most direct effect on the quality of the housing environment. Consequently in dealing with all planning applications on Curran Point the quality of the proposals and  their compatibility with existing land uses will be considered of paramount importance in order to arrest the decline in the physical environment on Curran Point. Consideration of the use of Comprehensive Development Area powers will be kept under review.
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