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Larne Area Plan 2010
Tourism: Policies and Proposals


The Department will protect the tourism resources of Larne Borough comprised in the landscape and the natural and man made environments from inappropriate forms of development.
It is essential for the future of tourism in the Borough that the development of tourist facilities does not damage the asset it is seeking to promote. The Countryside Policy Areas applicable in the Antrim Coast and Glens A.O.N.B., along the coast, and encompassing Larne Lough and the Islandmagee peninsula will help to protect such areas from development which is not considered to be essential.
In considering proposals for development in these locations the Department will have regard to the potential impact on key environmental assets and the importance of their setting. All proposals for development will be assessed on their impact on such sites to ensure that the scenic quality of the locality is not compromised. The Antrim Coast to the north of Larne is considered to be the prime tourist asset in the Borough, consequently specific guidance on tourism development in this sensitive location is provided. (See Policy COU3)


The Department will normally give favourable consideration to the provision of tourist facilities or tourist accommodation by the sympathetic conversion or appropriate extension of existing buildings and the renovation of vacant buildings.
There are a large number of vacant buildings, including dwellings in the countryside, which would be considered suitable for re-use as self catering holiday accommodation. The re-use of old buildings will provide an attractive tourist product while at the same time retaining part of the traditional settlement pattern in the Borough and providing a local source of income. The Glens of Antrim Rural and Community Development Association have taken the lead in this respect with the redevelopment of several sites at Straidkilly to the south of Carnlough. (See Part 3, Small Settlements)


The Department will require all proposals for tourist development to respect the basic principles of good design and landscaping. They should have regard to the following:–
  1. the topography and the natural and man-made features of the site.
  2. the scale and character of the proposal which should be appropriate for the setting.
  3. the careful use of materials and colour appropriate to the location.
  4. the impact on the residential amenity of surrounding properties.
  5. the requirements of people with disabilities or special needs.
Tourist developments will be expected to meet all the normal planning requirements associated with any development proposal including, access, car parking, satisfactory means of pollution control and the disposal of effluent.
Certain tourist developments will fall within the Planning (Assessment of Environmental Effects) Regulations (NI) 1989 (as amended) and in considering planning applications for such developments the Department may require the submission of an environmental statement.
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