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Larne Area Plan 2010
Policies & Proposals: Man Made Environment

Larne Borough has a rich variety of archaeological sites, monuments, buildings and other structures providing evidence of human activity and the attraction of the Larne area for settlement from the earliest times to the present.


Archaeological remains can provide evidence of thousands of years of human activity and settlement. They are individually important and can have a group value as an area of historic landscape. Some are distinctive landmarks, others are scarcely visible except to the trained eye or are no longer visible above ground but survive beneath modern fields and settlements. They are fragile and vulnerable to damage and destruction and are a finite and diminishing resource which once destroyed cannot be replaced. Every archaeological site or monument which is damaged or destroyed means the loss of part of the record of our past.
In all cases the desirability of preserving an archaeological site or monument and its setting, whether scheduled or otherwise, is a material consideration in determining a planning application. The Department's policy in relation to archaeological sites is that development which would be likely to alter, damage or destroy individual sites or monuments, or result in inappropriate change to the settings of such sites, will not normally be permitted. In some cases it may be necessary for additional archaeological research or on-site evaluation, which may include excavation assessment, to be undertaken before a planning decision can be reached.
The Department is responsible for the identification, recording and protection of all known archaeological sites and historic monuments. This includes the taking of monuments into state care and their scheduling for protection. The work of scheduling is a continuous process and the fact that a site has not yet received statutory protection does not diminish its archaeological importance nor its significance as an element in the historic landscape.
Archaeological research continues and new and exciting discoveries are made. The discovery of archaeological remains which have not been previously known may represent a material change which can affect the nature of the development which will be permitted in respect of an area within a development limit, or within the countryside.

Historic Buildings and Conservation Area

Larne Borough also contains many buildings of special architectural interest, important for their intrinsic value and for their contribution to the character and quality not only of settlements but also of the open countryside. The Department is responsible for the protection of historic buildings and will continue to give statutory protection to buildings of special architectural or historic interest and their settings. The list of special buildings will continue to grow as new buildings are identified through survey. In addition to listing individual buildings the Department has declared Conservation Areas in Glenarm and Carnlough in recognition of their historic and architectural importance.
It is inevitable that both the landscape and townscapes in Larne Borough will change over time. It is therefore important to respect and protect our man made heritage for future generations.
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