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Larne Area Plan 2010
Industry: Policies and Proposals


Land has been allocated to meet future industrial needs, 71.15 hectares of land is zoned in Larne Town for industrial purposes.
Large scale industrial uses will normally be accommodated in Larne Town. Land has therefore been allocated in the town to ensure that sufficient sites are available to meet future industrial needs. This zoned land includes land previously zoned at Ballyloran (4.2 hectares) and a large new site at Drumahoe (31.7 hectares) to cater for inward investment. The present industrial land within the town was felt to be insufficient to cater for such a possibility, consequently a large site lying adjacent to the existing dual carriageway at Millbrook has been zoned for industrial use.
The 71.15 hectares of zoned land in Larne Town also includes 35.25 hectares of land at Larne Harbour, including the Redlands estate, the adjacent lagoon, the area between the Harbour Highway and the access road to the Redlands Estate and the area to the east of Coastguard Road, north of the East Antrim Boatclub, to allow for the expansion of Harbour Associated Industry.


An area of 11.42 hectares of land has been zoned at Bank Road as a mixed use development site to accommodate industrial, housing and leisure uses.
The Bank Road site because of its prime location on the southern approach to Larne and its attractive coastal setting with a backcloth of a rising wooded escarpment is considered suitable for a mixture of uses which would take advantage of the considerable potential of this site.
The site should be developed in a manner in which not less than 55% of the site be used for industrial purposes and not more than 35% for residential purposes with the remainder for leisure and ancillary uses associated with a Marina type of development.
In preparing proposals for this site public access to the waterfront and to the amenity areas to the west of the site must be accommodated. As the land is designated for a mixture of uses it is appropriate that there may be several access points to the development from the road. The number and position of such access points will need to be the subject of detailed discussion prior to the submission of a formal planning application on all or part of this land.
To ensure that development does not occur in a piecemeal fashion the Department will require the submission of an overall plan of a comprehensive design scheme for this land in association with any proposal to develop all or part of the site.


The Department will require that all industrial development is designed to a high standard and properly landscaped.
The Department will require that all industrial development is carried out to a high standard to ensure that the development makes a positive contribution to the built environment. All industrial proposals will include landscaping schemes to help soften their visual impact and may include a buffer zone to existing uses. The loss of existing natural and man made features will be resisted.
Industrial buildings are by their nature practical in design. However this practicality does not preclude good design and the imaginative use of materials in the construction of such premises. Industrial buildings whether large or small scale need not be offensive to the eye.
In addition, as the opportunity arises the Department will seek and encourage the environmental improvement of existing industrial estates/premises.
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