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Larne Area Plan 2010
Housing: Regional Policy Context

The Department's regional development control policies for housing which apply in Larne Borough are currently set out in the Rural Strategy. This contains a range of policies for housing development within settlements and the Department's policies for houses in the countryside. It also includes policies for flats, residential caravans, mobile homes and house extensions.
The Department's “Layout of Housing Roads Design Guide” provides the guidelines which are currently applied in consideration of road layouts and related matters in proposed housing areas. This is currently under review and its replacement “New Residential Developments — Overall Design Character and Requirements for Access and Parking” was issued as a Consultation Draft in March 1997.

Quality Initiative

The Department is committed, through the Quality Initiative announced by the Minister for the Environment in January 1996, to raising the quality of new housing development. This will require a more sensitive and responsive approach by developers, one which respects the characteristics of individual sites and creates attractive new living standards in a sustainable manner. Similarly the Department's initiative to encourage the use of alternatives to the private car will demand full consideration of the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and public transport in the design of housing layouts.
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