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Larne Area Plan 2010
Commerce: Policies and Proposals


Major retail developments on sites outside the commercial core of Larne Town will only be permitted if it can be readily demonstrated that the development will meet the following criteria:–
  • will complement or meet existing deficiencies in the overall shopping provision;
  • will not lead to a significant loss of investment in the town centre;
  • will not threaten the vitality and viability of the commercial core or lead to an unacceptable reduction in the range of facilities and retail services;
  • will not lead to an unreasonable or detrimental impact on amenity, traffic movement or road safety;
  • will be provided to a high quality of design with adequate car parking;
  • will be accessible to both public and private transport.
In general terms proposals for retail development which complement existing shopping or meet an existing deficiency in shopping provision will be favourably considered by the Department.
All proposals for new major retail developments must be accompanied by an assessment of the potential impact on town centre retailing and traffic patterns.


Within Larne Town Centre and the other urban centres the Department will expect all new development to be designed to a high standard, sympathetic to the character of the town.
The central area of Larne has architectural characteristics in common with many towns in Northern Ireland. It is considered by the Department that this character should where possible be retained. In pursuit of this aim the Department published a Larne Town Centre design guide in 1994(1) The guidelines outlined in the booklet will be applied to all new buildings and as appropriate to the renovation and refurbishment of existing buildings in the Town Centre. It will form the basis of the design criteria against which the design element of planning applications in the Town Centre will be judged.
It is also considered appropriate that the design of village shops, particularly shopfronts, should also be in keeping with the character and architecture of the settlement. Particular emphasis will be placed on proposals within existing or proposed Conservation Areas.
(1) Larne Town Centre Design Guide 1994 (available from Ballymena Divisional Planning Office.)
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